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We Make Beautiful Websites

Something special happens when Eighty Grit and their client both have a common understanding of where the company is, and a shared vision for where it could be. Such is the case with Path. They came to Eight Grit just needing some help with their website. But we soon came to realize a total rebrand was needed, so we set to work. The result was simply amazing.

Learn more about the amazing transformation of Path.

We Make Powerful Websites

Jasco is a large consumer electronics manufacturer based in Oklahoma. They needed a totally new website that was capable of integrating with a long list of legacy and vendor-specific systems, as well as a site that could scale with the amazing growth they had been experiencing over the past few years. Jasco partnered with Eighty Grit to build something amazing, and we delivered. Learn more about the capabilities of their new e-commerce platform.

We Make Accessible Websites

The state of Colorado approached Eighty Grit in 2019 wanting to bring seven disparate websites to be managed together and bring them up-to-date on the latest security and accessibility standards and practices. Eighty Grit accepted the challenge by taking on hosting, backups, and ensuring timely application of security patches.

Then we began working on consolidating and restructuring the sites to meet strict WCAG 2.2 AA standards. Learn more about the work Eighty Grit did to ensure these websites were accessible to everyone.

We Can Make Your Website

Eighty Grit cares deeply about creating finely crafted interactive websites for our clients. Our websites are fast. Plus, all of our websites are mobile friendly and use SEO best practices. We also follow the latest security trends, so you can be sure you're getting a secure website on which to grow your business.

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