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Enterprise E-commerce for Jasco

Jasco is a large consumer electronics manufacturer based out of Oklahoma. When they came to Eighty Grit they had just hired a new CMO who had big plans for aggressive growth. We began working together to plan and execute an entirely new e-commerce website, built on Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

The complexity of this e-commerce site is incredible and even a bit difficult to quantify. It’s fully integrated with their AS400 system (an older IBM mainframe) for up-to-date inventory management. It also integrates with Jasco’s FedEx/UPS/USPS accounts for accurate shipping cost estimation. We custom built a system calculates the dimensions of the products being purchased, compares them with common box sizes to determine likely packaging decisions, and obtains real-time multi-service pricing to determine the most cost-efficient way to package and ship products. This results in lower quoted shipping costs to customers and lower shipping costs on orders with free shipping. The system integrates with AfterShip to notify customers not only of their shipping status, but also of any issues that arise during the shipping process. And the real-time status of customers’ shipments is beautifully displayed in their account pages.

The Jasco website also serves as a multi-channel e-commerce hub, by integrating with Channel Advisor to manage product listings on Amazon, and by integrating with Price Spider to manage listings with other big-box retailers who sell Jasco products.

On the marketing front, we’ve set up customizable, multi-tiered coupon and promotion algorithms and integrated it with their analytics, to ensure they can make the most cost-effective promotions, partnerships, and ad buys. We also integrated with Hubspot for effective re-targeting campaigns.

The entire e-commerce workflow is tailored to their internal processes; honed to meet the demands of the accounting department, the customer support group, and the ever-shifting demands of an aggressive marketing team. Once the new website launched, engagement and conversions sky-rocketed. We couldn't be prouder of the work we did for Jasco.

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A screenshot of the Jasco website