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A Total Rebrand for Path

Path provides a unique service – they clip photos and remove backgrounds of even the most complex images. And while some modern tools might make this seem easy, Path traces the object of every picture by hand, ensuring the highest quality results. And because they can often process the images for under a dollar, Path is a favorite among businesses who constantly need thousands of images updated with a quick turn-around time.

When Path first approached Eighty Grit, their website was dark and bland. Plus, their company name, "Clipping Path India," wasn't very appealing to their audience. They decided on a total rebrand, with a new name, new domain, and a brand new website design to go along with it. The re-branding and redesign process went through multiple iterations and took over a year before development could even start. But it was worth the effort.

The website was expertly designed by Josefina Nino, and built by Eighty Grit on the Shopify platform. It beautifully showcases some of Path's capabilities, removing the background from between bicycle spokes and isolating individual strands of hair on a model.

Once the new website launched, conversions on the site took off. Path is continuing to innovate today, and still sees phenomenal YoY growth.

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A screenshot of the Path website